Split a string in Java using dot, dollar or question mark as a delimiter

In this post, we will explore different ways to split a string in Java using dot (.), pipe (|) or dollar ($) or question mark (?) as a delimiter.


1. String.split()

The standard solution is to use split() method provided by the String class. It takes a regular expression as delimiter and returns a String array.


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If we run the above code, it doesn’t work as expected. This is because the split() method takes a regular expression, and dot is special character which matches any character in regex. We can avoid this behavior by creating a regex which will represent a dot. There are several ways to do this which are covered below in detail:


1.1. Using an escape character

We can make above code work by escaping the dot character. An escape character invokes an alternative interpretation on following characters of a string. In Java, the \ (backslash) is used to escape special characters. Note that Java follows the two backslash escape styles.


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1.2. Wrapping dot between \Q and \E

Another plausible way of escaping is using \Q to backslash all subsequent special characters and \E to end the expression.


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1.3. Character classes

We can also use Character classes in Java for escaping the dot (.) as shown below:


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1.4. Pattern.quote()

Another good alternative is to use Pattern.quote() which returns a literal pattern String for the specified String.


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2. Guava’s Splitter Class

We can use Splitter class from Guava library as shown below which returns an Iterable.


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3. Apache Commons Lang

We can also leverage StringUtils.split() method of Apache Commons Lang library which splits the string into an array using specified delimiter.



4. StringTokenizer

The StringTokenizer is a legacy class which allows to break a string into tokens using a delimiter as shown below:


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