Read Input from console in Java

In this post, we will see how to read input from console in Java using Scanner, BufferedReader and Console class. The input can be of different types, such as String, Integer, Double, Long, etc.


1. Using the Scanner class

The standard approach is to use Scanner class in Java for reading an input from console, which splits the input into tokens using whitespace as a delimiter, which then can be conveniently converted into values of different types using the various next methods as shown below:


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2. Using the BufferedReader class

The problem with Scanner class is that it is way too slow. We can also use BufferedReader class in Java which offers much better performance than the Scanner class. The whole line can be read as String using readLine() method, and can be converted into values of different types using the utilites methods provided by corresponding wrapper classes. For an integer, we can use read() method.


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3. Using Console Class

We can also use the Console class to access the character-based console device. To get the unique Console object associated with the current JVM, we can call System.console() method.



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