This post will discuss how to make an HTTP GET request in C#.

1. Using WebClient.DownloadString() method

The System.Net.WebClient class provides several utility methods for sending data and receiving data from a URI resource. You can use the WebClient.DownloadString() method to download a resource as a string. The following example illustrates the usage of this method.

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Note that the WebClient.DownloadString() method blocks the calling thread while downloading the resource. To download a resource asynchronously without waiting for the server’s response, consider using the WebClient.DownloadStringAsync() method.

2. Using HttpWebRequest Class

Alternatively, you can use the System.Net.HttpWebRequest class, which is an HTTP-specific implementation of the WebRequest class. For more information on this class, see the official documentation.

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3. Using HttpClient Class

The HttpWebRequest class is not recommended anymore. It is preferable to use the System.Net.Http.HttpClient class instead.

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That’s all about making an HTTP GET request in C#.