Iterate over characters of a String in Java

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This post will discuss various methods to iterate over characters in a string in Java.

1. Naive solution

A naive solution is to use a simple for-loop to process each character of the string. This approach proves to be very effective for strings of smaller length.

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2. Using String.toCharArray() method

We can also convert a string to char[] using String.toCharArray() method and then iterate over the character array using enhanced for-loop (for-each loop) as shown below:

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3. Using Iterator

We can also use the StringCharacterIterator class that implements bidirectional iteration for a String.

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4. Using StringTokenizer

Another solution is to use StringTokenizer, although its use is discouraged. The StringTokenizer class breaks a string into tokens. Its prototype is:

StringTokenizer(String str, String delim, boolean returnDelims)

An instance of StringTokenizer behaves in one of two ways, depending on whether it was created with the returnDelims flag having the value true or false:

  • If returnDelims is false, delimiter characters serve to separate tokens. A token is a maximal sequence of consecutive characters that are not delimiters.
  • If returnDelims is true, delimiter characters are themselves considered to be tokens. Thus, a token is either one delimiter character or a maximal sequence of consecutive characters that are not delimiters.

The following program demonstrates it:

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5. Using String.Split() method

It is recommended to use the String.split() method over StringTokenizer, which is a legacy class and still alive for compatibility reasons.

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6. Using Guava Library

Guava’s Lists.charactersOf() returns a view of the specified string as an immutable list of characters. We can process the immutable list using a for-each loop or an iterator. Please note that this method returns a view; no actual copying happens here.

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7. Using String.chars() method

Java 8 provides a new method, String.chars(), which returns an IntStream (a stream of ints) representing an integer representation of characters in the String. This method does not return the desired Stream<Character> (for performance reasons), but we can map IntStream to an object in such a way that it will automatically box into a Stream<Character>. There are various ways to achieve that, as shown below:

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8. Using Code Points

We can also use Java 8 String.codePoints() instead of String.chars() that also returns an IntStream but having Unicode code points instead of char values.

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9. Using Reflection

For very long strings, nothing beats reflection in terms of performance. We can inspect any string using reflection and access the backing array of the specified string. To find the name of the backing array, we can print all the fields of String class using the following code and search one with the type char[].

Update: This is unsupported after Java 8.

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That’s all about iterating over characters of a Java String.

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