Guava’s Chars Class in Java for primitive char array

Guava package provides utility classes for all primitives types such as Chars, Longs, Ints, Doubles, etc. In this article, we will talk about Guava Chars class which provides static utility methods to work with primitive char array.


1. Chars.asList()

Guava’s Chars.asList() method wraps the specified primitive character array as a List<Character> type.


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2. Chars.toArray()

Guava’s Chars.toArray() method can be used to convert a List (or Set) of Character to an array of primitive char.


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3. Chars.concat()

Guava’s Chars.concat() method combines characters from specified arrays into a single array.


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4. Chars.contains()

Guava’s Chars.contains() method determines if the specified character is present in the character array or not.


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5. Chars.indexOf() and Chars.lastIndexOf()

Guava’s Chars.indexOf() method returns the index of the first appearance of a given character in array and returns -1 if character is not found in the array.


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Guava’s Chars.lastIndexOf() method works in similar way but it returns index of the last appearance instead.


6. Chars.join()

Guava’s Chars.join() method returns a string containing characters of the array, separated by separator.


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7. Chars.min() and Chars.max()

Guava’s Chars.min() method returns the minimum element present in array and the Chars.max() method returns the maximum element.


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