Convert Array to Stream in Java 8

In this post, we will discuss various methods to convert array to Stream in Java 8.


1. Convert Boxed Array to Stream –

A Stream can be constructed from a boxed array using one of below methods:


1.1. Using


1.2. Using Stream.of()




2. Convert Primitive Array to Stream –

When we convert primitive array to Stream, we will get primitive Streams like IntStream, DoubleStream and LongStream. These primitive streams can be obtained by using one of below methods:


2.1. Using


2.2. Using IntStream.of()

Note – Arrays.asList(arr).stream() and Stream.of(arr) will return Stream<int[]> not IntStream.


3. Filter Array using Stream –

We can also filter an array to match a certain criteria using Streams as shown below:


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4. Convert Stream back to Array –

Many times we might have a Stream of elements and we want to convert it back to the array. We can easily do so as shown below:


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