Sorting Interview Questions and Practice Problems

In this post, we have list out commonly asked interview questions that uses sorting –


  1. Insertion sort | Iterative & Recursive
  2. Selection sort | Iterative & Recursive
  3. Bubble sort | Iterative & Recursive
  4. Merge Sort Algorithm
  5. Iterative Merge Sort Algorithm (Bottom-up Merge Sort)
  6. Quicksort Algorithm
  7. Iterative Implementation of Quicksort
  8. Hybrid QuickSort
  9. Quicksort using Dutch National Flag Algorithm
  10. Quick Sort using Hoare’s Partitioning scheme
  11. External merge sort
  12. Counting Sort Algorithm
  13. Custom Sort | Sort elements by their frequency and Index
  14. Custom Sort | Sort elements of the array by order of elements defined by the second array
  15. Inversion Count of an array
  16. Segregate positive and negative integers in linear time
  17. Efficiently Sort an Array with many Duplicated Values
  18. Find the smallest window in array sorting which will make the entire array sorted
  19. Find largest number possible from set of given numbers
  20. Move all zeros present in the array to the end
  21. Sort binary array in linear time
  22. Sort linked list containing 0’s, 1’s and 2’s
  23. Merge Sort Algorithm for Singly Linked List
  24. Group anagrams together from given list of words
  25. Activity Selection Problem
  26. Lexicographic sorting of given set of keys
  27. Heap Sort Algorithm
  28. Merge M sorted lists of variable length
  29. Merge M sorted lists each containing N elements
  30. Find all palindromic permutations of a string
  31. Find all lexicographically next permutations of a string sorted in ascending order
  32. Merge two sorted linked lists from their end
  33. Sort an array containing 0’s, 1’s and 2’s (Dutch national flag problem)
  34. Find pair with given sum in the array
  35. Inplace merge two sorted arrays
  36. Merge two arrays by satisfying given constraints
  37. Find maximum product of two integers in an array
  38. Find all distinct combinations of given length
  39. Find all distinct combinations of given length with repetition allowed
  40. Merging Overlapping Intervals
  41. Print all quadruplets with given sum | 4-sum problem extended
  42. 4 sum problem | Quadruplets with given sum
  43. Find two numbers with maximum sum formed by array digits
  44. Find a Triplet having Maximum Product in an Array
  45. Find Minimum Product among all Combinations of Triplets in an Array
  46. Find all distinct combinations of given length
  47. Find the surpasser count for each element of an array


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