Wildcard Pattern Matching

Given a string and a pattern containing wildcard characters i.e. ‘*’ and ‘?’, where ‘?’ can match to any single character in input string and ‘*’ can match to any number of characters including zero characters, design an efficient algorithm to find if the pattern matches with the complete input string or not.


For example,

Input: string = “xyxzzxy”, pattern = “x***y”
Output: Match

Input: string = “xyxzzxy”, pattern = “x***x”
Output: No Match

Input: string = “xyxzzxy”, pattern = “x***x?”
Output: Match

Input: string = “xyxzzxy”, pattern = “*”
Output: Match


The idea is to use Dynamic Programming here. If we carefully analyze the problem, we can see that it can easily be further divided into sub-problems. Let’s take top-bottom approach to solve this problem.

For a given pattern[0..m] and str[0..n],

  • If pattern[m] == ‘*’, if ‘*’ matches with current character in input string we will move to next character in the string else we ignore ‘*’ and move to next character in the pattern.
  • If pattern[m] == ‘?’, we ignore current characters of both string and pattern and check if pattern[0..m-1] matches str[0..n-1]
  • If the current character in pattern is not a wildcard character, it should match with current character in the input string

Special care has to be taken to handle base conditions:

  • If both input string and pattern reaches their end, we return true
  • If only pattern reaches its end, we return false
  • If only input string reaches its end, return true only if remaining characters in the pattern are all ‘*’

Below is top-down DP solution in C++ using memoization –


Download   Run Code




Iterative solution –


Download   Run Code



The time complexity of above solution is O(n2) and auxiliary space used by the program is O(n2).

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    Iterative version – http://cpp.sh/8hhiy

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