Minimum number of throws required to win Snake and Ladder game

Find minimum number of throws required to win given Snake and Ladder game.


For example, below game requires atleast 7 dice throws to win.

Snake and Ladder Problem



The idea is to consider the snack and ladder board as directed graph and run BFS from starting node which is vertex 0 as per game rules. We construct a directed graph keeping in mind below conditions –

1. For any vertex in the graph v, we have an edge from v to v + 1, v + 2, v + 3, v + 4, v + 5, v + 6 as we can reach any of these nodes in one throw of dice from node v.

2. If any of these neighbors of v has a ladder or snake which takes you to position x, then x becomes the neighbor instead of the base of the ladder or head of the snake.

Now the problem is transformed into a Shortest path between two nodes in a directed graph problem. We represent the snake and ladder board using a map.


Download   Run Code


Download   Run Code



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If you’re using the int for BFS definition, it should either return node.minDist or if you’re printing as in this case, it should just be void. Something super minor but I figured it’s best if the code is updated.

Thanks for all these wonderful questions 🙂