Implement itoa() function in C

Write an efficient function to implement itoa function in C. Standard itoa() function convert input number to its corresponding C-string using the specified base.


The prototype of itoa() is –

char* itoa(int value, char* buffer, int base);


value – Value to be converted to a string.
buffer – Array to store the resulting null-terminated string.
base – Numerical base used to represent the value as a string, between 2 and 36.

Return Value

A pointer to the resulting null-terminated string, same as parameter buffer.


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itoa(11184810, buffer, 16) = AAAAAA
itoa(-25, buffer, 10) = -25
itoa(64, buffer, 8) = 100
itoa(127, buffer, 2) = 1111111

Implement atoi() function in C | Iterative & Recursive Implementation

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