Merge Multiple Sets in Java

In this post, several methods are discussed to merge multiple sets in Java into a single set using plain Java, Java 8, Guava and Apache Commons.   Please note that duplicate elements present in any set will be discarded during the merge operation.

Serialization of Java Objects using Jackson Library

In this post, we will discuss Serialization and deserialization of Java objects of Java objects using Jackson library by converting Java Objects into their JSON representation and then JSON to an equivalent Java object.

Clone() Method in Java

In this post, we will discuss how to copy an object in Java using clone() method in Object class and one provided by Apache Commons Lang. We will also discuss about shallow copy and deep copy in detail.

Split Array into Two Parts in Java

In this post, we will see how to split array into two parts in Java. If the array contains an odd number of items, the extra item should be part of the first array.