Implement strstr function in Java

Write an efficient algorithm to implement strstr function in Java which returns the index of first occurrence of a string in another string.

Search given key in BST | Recursive & Iterative Solution

Given a BST, write an efficient function to search a given key in it. The algorithm should return the parent node of the key and print if the key is left or right node of the parent node. If the key is not present in the BST, the algorithm should be able to determine that.

Find shortest route in a device to construct the given string

Given a device having left, right, top and bottom buttons and a OK button to enter a text from a virtual keypad having alphabets from A-Y arranged in a 5×5 grid as shown below. We need to find the shortest route in device to construct the given string if we start from the top-left position …

Search in a nearly sorted array in log(n) time

Given a nearly sorted array such that each of the N elements may be misplaced by no more than one position from the correct sorted order, efficiently search a given element in it. Report if the element is not present in the input array.