Collect maximum value of coins in a matrix

Given a M x N matrix where each cell contains a coin of some denomination, collect maximum value of coins by traversing the grid. The first traversal starts from the top-left corner of the matrix and end at the bottom-left corner and the second traversal starts from the top-right corner and end at the bottom-right …

Print all shortest routes in a rectangular grid

Given a M x N rectangular grid, print all shortest routes in the grid that start at the first cell (0,0) and end at the last cell (N-1,M-1). We can move down or right or diagonally (down-right) but not up or left.

Unbounded Binary Search

Given a monotonically increasing function f(x), find the value of x where f(x) becomes positive for the first time. In other words, find a positive integer x such that f(x-1), f(x-2),… are negative and f(x+1), f(x+2),… are positive.

Find the odd occurring element in log(n) time

Given an array of integers where every element appears even number of times except one element which appears odd number of times, find that odd occurring element in O(log(n)) time and constant space.