Find shortest distance of every cell from landmine in a Maze

Given a Maze in the form of a rectangular matrix, filled with either O, X or M, where O represents an open cell, X represents a blocked cell and M represents landmines in the maze, we need to find shortest distance of every open cell in the maze from its nearest mine.

Level Order Traversal of Binary Tree

Given a binary tree, print its nodes level by level. i.e. all nodes present at level 1 should be printed first followed by nodes of level 2 and so on.. All nodes for any level should be printed from left to right.

Count the number of islands

Given a binary matrix where 0 represents water and 1 represents land, count the number of islands in it. A island is formed by connected one’s.   For example, consider below image.    Above image highlights water in blue and land in grey in a 10 x 10 matrix. There are total five islands present in the above …

Flood Fill Algorithm

Flood fill (also known as seed fill) is an algorithm that determines the area connected to a given node in a multi-dimensional array.

Find shortest safe route in a field with sensors present

Given a rectangular field with few sensors present on it, cross it by taking the shortest safe route without activating the sensors.   The rectangular field is given in the form of M x N matrix and we need to find the shortest path from any cell in first column to any cell in the …