Implement itoa() function in C

Write an efficient function to implement itoa() function in C. Standard itoa() function convert input number to its corresponding C-string using the specified base.

Find shortest route in a device to construct the given string

Given a device having left, right, top and bottom buttons and a OK button to enter a text from a virtual keypad having alphabets from A-Y arranged in a 5×5 grid as shown below. We need to find the shortest route in device to construct the given string if we start from the top-left position …

Word Break Problem | Dynamic Programming

Word Break Problem: Given a string and a dictionary of words, determine if string can be segmented into a space-separated sequence of one or more dictionary words.

Shortest Common Supersequence using LCS

The shortest common supersequence (SCS) is the problem of finding the shortest supersequence Z of given sequences X and Y such that both X & Y are subsequences of Z.