Weighted Interval Scheduling Problem

Given a list of jobs where each job has a start and finish time, and also has profit associated with it, find maximum profit subset of non-overlapping jobs.

Box Stacking Problem

Given a set of rectangular 3D boxes, create a stack of boxes which is as tall as possible. A box can be placed on top of another box if the dimensions of the 2D base of the lower box are each strictly larger than those of the 2D base of the higher box. Multiple instances …

Determine negative-weight cycle in a graph

Given a directed weighted graph, report a negative-weight cycle in the graph if any. A negative-weight cycle is a cycle in graph whose edges sum to a negative value.

Collect maximum value of coins in a matrix

Given a M x N matrix where each cell contains a coin of some denomination, collect maximum value of coins by traversing the grid. The first traversal starts from the top-left corner of the matrix and end at the bottom-left corner and the second traversal starts from the top-right corner and end at the bottom-right …