Find the odd occurring element in log(n) time

Given an array of integers where every element appears even number of times except one element which appears odd number of times, find that odd occurring element in O(log(n)) time and constant space.

Swap Adjacent Bits of a Number

Given an integer, swap adjacent bits of it. In other words, swap bits present at even positions with those present in odd positions.  

Print all distinct Subsets of a given Set

Given a set S, generate all distinct subsets of it i.e., find distinct power set of set S. A power set of any set S is the set of all subsets of S, including the empty set and S itself.  

Find odd occurring element in an array in single traversal

Given an array of integers, duplicates are present in it in such a way that all duplicates appear even number of times except one which appears odd number of times. Find that odd appearing element in linear time and without using any extra memory.