Determine if two strings are anagram or not

Given two strings, determine if they are anagrams or not.   Any word that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagramap. In other words, X and Y are anagrams if by rearranging the letters of X, we can get Y using all the original letters of X exactly once.

Check if given set of moves is circular or not

Check if given set of moves is circular or not. The move is circular if its starting and ending coordinates are the same. The moves can contain instructions to move one unit in same direction (M), to change direction to left of current direction (L) and to change direction to right of current direction (R).

Find missing number and duplicate elements in an array

Given an limited range array of integers of size n with all its elements between 1 to n with the exception of one element which occur twice and one number which is missing from the list. Find missing number and the duplicate element in linear time and without using any extra memory.   For example, …