Convert a Map<K, Collection<V>> to Guava’s Multimap in Java

Guava provides a Multimap interface that allows mapping of a single key to multiple values in Java. In this post, we will see how to convert a Map<K,Collection<V>> to Guava’s Multimap in Java.


We can create our own custom implementation of Multimap in Java using a Map and a Collection by implementing the map as Map<K,Collection<V>>. But often we might want to use a third party library for Multimap in Java such a Guava, there any several ways to convert a Map<K,Collection<V>> to Guava’s Multimap


1. Using Map.entrySet() + ListMultimap.put() method

Naive solution is to iterate over the mappings contained in map using Map.entrySet() and for each value in a mapping, use ListMultimap.put() method to insert that key-value pair in the multimap.


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2. Using Map.entrySet() + ListMultimap.putAll() method

Instead of using ListMultimap.put() method to insert key-value pairs in the multimap one by one, we can use ListMultimap.putAll() method to insert all values mapped to a particular key all at once.


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3. Using Map.keySet() + ListMultimap.putAll() method

Another alternative is to use Map.keySet() to iterate over the keys contained in the map and for each key, use ListMultimap.putAll() method to insert key-value pair in the multimap.


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4. Java 8 – Using Map.forEach() + ListMultimap.putAll() method

In Java 8, we can use Map.forEach() to iterate over each mapping in the map and pass method reference to ListMultimap.putAll() as argument to forEach().


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5. Creating an Immutable Multimap

Guava also provides Immutable Multimap whose contents can never change. We can use similar logic as discussed above to construct a immutable multimap instance with the help of builder.


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